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Firangi 2017: How to Watch and Download the Full HD Movie in 1080p Quality for Free

Firangi Full HD Movie Free Download 1080p: A Review

If you are looking for a comedy-drama movie set in the pre-independence era of India, you might want to check out Firangi, a 2017 film starring Kapil Sharma, Ishita Dutta, and Monica Gill. Firangi, which means foreigner in Hindi, is a story of a simple village boy who falls in love with a girl from a different community and gets involved in a conflict between the British and the locals. The movie is written and directed by Rajiev Dhingra, who also co-produced it with Kapil Sharma. Firangi was released on 1 December 2017 and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. In this article, we will review Firangi and tell you why you should watch it. We will also tell you how to download Firangi full HD movie for free in 1080p quality.

Firangi full hd movie free download 1080p

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Plot summary

Firangi follows the life of Mangatram "Manga", an unemployed young man from village Behrampur, who has a unique ability to cure anyone's backache with a kick. He dreams of joining the police force but fails at every attempt. One day, he meets Mark Daniels, a British officer who suffers from chronic back pain. Manga cures him with his kick and impresses him so much that he offers him a job as his orderly. Manga happily accepts the job, hoping that it will help him win the heart of Sargi, a beautiful girl from village Naku Guda whom he loves.

However, Manga's job creates problems for him as Sargi's grandfather Lalaji, who is a follower of Mahatma Gandhi, disapproves of his association with the British. Lalaji also leads a protest against Raja Inderveer Singh, a local king who plans to set up a distillery in Naku Guda and evict the villagers from their land. Manga tries to help Lalaji by complaining to Mark Daniels about Raja's scheme, but he does not know that Mark Daniels is actually in cahoots with Raja Inderveer Singh. Manga unwittingly helps them deceive the villagers and becomes an enemy of his own people.

Manga realizes his mistake when he learns that Mark Daniels intends to marry Princess Shyamali Devi, Raja Inderveer Singh's daughter and Sargi's friend, against her will. Manga decides to redeem himself by helping Lalaji and the villagers fight against Mark Daniels and Raja Inderveer Singh. He also tries to win back Sargi's love and trust.


The strengths and weaknesses of the movie

Firangi is a movie that tries to balance comedy and drama, romance and patriotism, history and fiction. It has some strengths that make it worth watching, but it also has some weaknesses that prevent it from being a great movie.

One of the strengths of Firangi is its lead actor Kapil Sharma, who is known for his popular comedy shows on television. Kapil Sharma plays Manga with charm and innocence, making him a likable protagonist. He also shows his versatility by handling emotional scenes with sincerity. Kapil Sharma's comic timing and dialogue delivery are also commendable.

Another strength of Firangi is its supporting cast, especially Ishita Dutta as Sargi, Monica Gill as Princess Shyamali Devi, Edward Sonnenblick as Mark Daniels, Kumud Mishra as Raja Inderveer Singh, Inaamulhaq as Heera, Manga's friend, and Aanjjan Srivastav as Lalaji. They all give convincing performances and add depth to their characters.

A third strength of Firangi is its music by Jatinder Shah, which suits the mood and setting of the movie. The songs are b70169992d


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