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Tournaments are skill based competitions. These are often bracket tournaments with 5 person teams, taking place on Speedball (paintball) fields. Tournaments such as the NXL hold different events throughout the summer months all over the United States with a range of skill divisions. Other series such as the Ultimate Woodsball League (UWL) play tournaments with large teams on large wooded fields. The types of tournaments and applicable skill divisions vary wildly to serve the diverse interest of paintball competitors.

BIG Paintball Script | Kill All Farm, ESP, Misc...

Mohamed Mahmood Alessa and Carlos "Omar" Eduardo Almonte, two men arrested in June 2010 as they were bound for Somalia, and charged with terrorism and conspiring to kill, maim, and kidnap people outside the U.S., had simulated combat at an outdoor paintball facility in West Milford, New Jersey, according to the complaint against them.[53][54][55][56]

In addition, two of the 2005 London 7/7 bombers were filmed while training in June 2005 at a paintball center in Tonbridge, Kent.[62] Also, the suspects in the 2006 Toronto terrorism case played paintball to prepare for their attack.[63][64] In 2007, paintball training was engaged in by five terrorists to prepare for an attack aimed at killing American soldiers in Fort Dix, New Jersey; they were later convicted.[65][66]

Locke decided to bury Eko at the spot where he died. When Nikki asked why, Locke explained that there had been a lot of deaths and the other survivors could not take another one. Locke explained that he believed the "Monster" killed Eko for a reason, and that he wanted to find out what that reason was. Locke retrieved Eko's Jesus stick from the jungle in order to place it as a marker on Eko's grave. When the group buried Eko, Locke looked at Eko's stick and took special note of one particular bit of scripture carved on it: "Lift up your eyes and look north. John 3:05." Locke interpreted this as a message to himself and determined to go north on a bearing of 305 degrees. Though skeptical, Sayid accompanied him, as did Kate and Danielle. ("I Do") ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead") 041b061a72


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