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Metal Slug Code: J - The Ultimate Action Game for Android

Metal slug code j APK is an action game based on the classic SNK NEO GEO arcade title. The game has been recreated to be very faithful to the original. The game features a fun story mode, a training mode and also a multiplayer mode. You can play with up to 4 players using the same device!Snk playable characters, you can play as Marco, Tarma, Eri and Fio. Each character has their own special weapon and skills that they can use in battle.

Metal slug code j APK is a very interesting game, which is an action shooting game with unique gameplay. In this game, players will participate in a fierce battle with enemies. The player's mission is to destroy all enemy forces, protect their comrades and complete the mission.In order to accomplish the task, the player must be equipped with sufficient weapons and ammunition. The more powerful the weapon is, the higher the chance of destroying the enemy aircraft and infantry. Players can also use their comrades as shields to protect themselves from enemy fire. As long as they are not killed by the enemy, then they will not die even if they are hit by a bullet.

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SNK And Tencent recently announced a new metal slug game for mobile devices being developed by Timmy Studios, an incredibly hot Tencent subsidiary, working on Call of Duty Mobile and currently also working on Pokemon United. By now we know that the next arcade shooter was called Temporary Metal Slug Code: J (as a placeholder), so you need to share the teaser trailer with a minute of pure gameplay, and even then, you think Metal Slug Code J Which really sounds like a capable sequel to the Metal Slug series.

Primarily, it looks like Timmy Studios went with 3D graphics instead of the pixel-based designs known for the Metal Slug series, but overall, 3D graphics still offer the same vibe. Simply put the code: which looks like a decent metal slug game. As per the graphic, you will see that the touchscreen controls are clearly displayed on the left and right sides of the screen, which confirms the code: which is a side-scrolling shooter like the original arcade title. From the start, it looks like Timmy Studios is improving the assets and not showing clear signs of greedy monetization during the gameplay video above. Given that Timmy Call is known for selling most cosmetics in Call of Duty Mobile, I'm guessing Metal Slug Plug: for which there is a similar monetization plan, but Tencent is connected, you really don't know how these things will happen.


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