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Jameson Taylor
Jameson Taylor

ESP8266 D1 Mini. [WORK]

Hello! First I would like to thank you for your guidance as Im a newbie ? I am having a little problem once I search for ESP8266 (Install the Board) to add my D1 mini. Nowhere from the list is showing the one from your screenshot.

ESP8266 D1 Mini.

I have a raspberry pi setup and running currently with a 8 channel rely board connected and using 6 of the relays to control my garage. I want to convert this to a esp8266/d1 mini controlling the relays and move the Pi into a central location so I can control the garage via the esp8266 and have the Pi in a central location for future OH projects as a central server.

I have been able to get the mqtt server working locally on the Pi but that is about it (It says online in paperUI). I cannot find straight forward documentation on adding items that control the esp8266 from the paperUI or auto detects it, as well I have not been able to find any documents that explain how to program the esp8266 properly to communicate with the mqtt server on the pi / openhab.

try it outADC is switched between external pin and internal connection to measure WiFi power. but the measurements influence each other without a pause between readingsthe esp8266 was developed to be used as WiFi module, not as general purpose MCU

@lbhm I am pretty sure the ESP8266 does not support WPA3 especially as we use the Arduino libraries and not directly the Expressif SDK.If you want to test, you could just order a wemos D1 mini seperately and flash it with our software and send some dummy data to see if it works. That would cost you only a few dollars for the D1 mini.

Edit: espruino_1v95.4819_esp8266.tgz works fine. I didn't set 4M-C1 I used 32m in the esptool command as normal. Not sure what that's for? Otherwise flash command is same including 115200 baud, but not port I'm on Mac. 041b061a72


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